Iowa is known for its frigid cold temperatures in the winter months. Often dropping below 10 degrees, residents turn to anything to keep them warm. Unfortunately, the season of frigid temperatures, also turns into “fire season”. Space heaters are known as incredible luxuries during these winter months. However, they can also be very dangerous. According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters account for more than 70 percent of all winter fire injuries and half of all property damage caused in heating fires.

With that being said, space heaters are often thought of as being unsafe, when in reality they have just been misused. To stay safe and reduce your risk, follow these safety tips to keep you and your building both safe and warm:

Put Your Space Heater in the Correct Spot

To reduce safety hazards, put your space heater on a hard and non- flammable surface. Avoid putting your space heater on carpets or rugs and keep it away from normal paths of foot traffic.

Don’t Leave Your Space Heater Unattended

Under no circumstances should you leave your space heater on when no one is around. You can purchase a heater that turns off automatically after a certain amount of time, if you tend to be a forgetful person.

Avoid Using Extension Cords

Electric space heaters should only be plugged directly into the wall outlet, not into extension cords or power strips. Space heaters use a high amount of electricity and can overheat an extension cord, causing a fire.

Don’t Put Your Space Heater in a Moist Environment

Electrical shock can occur if you place your space heater in a moist environment, like a bathroom.

Check Your Space Heater for Signs of Damages

No matter how new or old your space heater is, inspect it for loose parts, a frayed cord, cracks, and other damage.

If you follow these tips, you can use your space heater safely and effectively. For repairs on your existing HVAC system, contact us today!