Industrial Refrigeration Services is proud to offer 24/7 emergency services and the benefits that come with a quick response. HVAC companies that don’t respond quickly and leave you hanging, are setting you up for additional problems. We are going to go over the risk of a slow response time from your HVAC repair company and consider why it’s important to trust a company like IRS.

  1. Downtime costs money!

Not only is downtime annoying, it is also costing you money. If you have a manufacturing or industrial plant, your facility being shutdown means you aren’t making any money. Daily activity that depends on your system may be stalled and therefore puts everything behind in your projected timeline or progress.

  1. Bad efficiency equals higher energy costs.

Even if your system isn’t totally down, one that is inefficient will need more power to sustain. All the extra power will create higher energy bills and increase the wear on your system. Since HVAC systems are now accounting for almost half of a building’s energy usage, it’s important to quickly get this fixed.

  1. Adding damage to other parts.

When a system relies on other parts to stay on track, it’s essential that each part is working properly. If part of your system struggles, the entire system will feel the strain. Yes, this isn’t a total melt down, but it will cause impact on other parts, increasing costs of repairs down the road.

  1. Damage to your building or other machinery.

If you have machinery, chemicals, sensitive objects, electronics, or other assets in your building when your HVAC goes down, these could also be damaged. Not only will you have to repair your HVAC system, you’ll also have all the other damages to pay for. That’s an expensive price to pay for slow response time.

  1. Employee frustration.

If your HVAC outage is influencing your employees, they could be missing out on paid wages or wanting to pick up additional work.

When an HVAC company isn’t immediately available for your emergency repair, what other costs are you incurring? Instead of waiting, contact IRS and we’ll be there immediately! Contact us today for service or emergency repairs.