Preventative Maintenance Programs

The age-old adage that you don’t fix something unless it’s broken doesn’t apply to refrigeration systems.

A solid preventative maintenance program will continue to increase the life of your equipment, reduce total lifecycle cost of your equipment, and reduce the risk of products loss. At Industrial Refrigeration Services, we can take care of problems before they arise with a scheduled maintenance program. Many issues arise slowly over time and create larger, and more costly, repairs.

Why should I have a Preventative Maintenance Program?

  • Efficiency – Refrigeration equipment will operate more efficiently and fewer hours a day which translates to reduced electrical consumption meaning you save money.
  • Extends life of systems– Your equipment is expensive, replacing it is even more costly. Monthly maintenance delays the substantial cost of equipment replacement.
  • Reduces emergency repairs – Emergency repairs are never cheap. By resolving problems before they happen, many emergency repairs can be eliminated.
  • Lowers failure rates – If you’ve ever had an integral part of your company fail, you know that the cost isn’t just in repairs.
  • Savings in energy – Electrical consumption in a properly running system is a lot lower than one that is needing repair. Lower electric bills save you money.

With a preventative maintenance program, you are ensuring the longevity and low repair cost of your equipment.

What is involved with a Preventative Maintenance Program?

  1. Check system operation – temperature readings inside system, temperature checks to the discharge, liquid, and suction lines
  2. Inspection of major sub-systems – compressor, condenser, and evaporator coils
  3. Check for proper refrigerant level
  4. Verify the thermostats, pressure controls, contactors, relays, and defrost time clocks are working properly
  5. Inspect the low and high voltage components
  6. Ensure proper airflow – inspect fan motors of the evaporator and condenser coils
  7. Clean and lubricate motors
  8. Inspect and clean condensers and evaporator coils
  9. Check refrigeration systems – door gaskets, hinges, and latches for proper seal and closure
  10. Check and clean evaporator drain pans
  11. Check and clean condensate drain lines to prevent blockage

Many systems are unique so there is not a one-size-fits-all program. At IRS, we will evaluate your system and come up with a comprehensive plan to ensure your systems are going to run smoothly with little downtime. Many systems need a monthly check-up depending on local climate outside, inside work environment, and total use. If there is a need for an emergency repair, we are available 24/7 to take care of your system.

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