Compressor Rebuild/Repair

Your commercial refrigerator compressor is what is keeping your system cool. When it fails, call IRS.

The compressor is the heart of your refrigeration system and if it were to fail, your business could be looking at an expensive and involved repair.

Industrial Refrigeration Services has built its reputation on cost-effective, professional refrigeration maintenance and repair services and we specialize in compressor rebuilds and on- the-spot repairs. Avoid costly downtime and potential lost revenue due to spoiled inventory. One simple call to IRS can get your refrigerator running like normal.

We have you covered

IRS can repair a wide variety of commercial compressor brands including:

  • Vilter
  • Logix
  • Evapco
  • Hansen
  • Phillips
  • R/S
  • Frick
  • GEA
  • Alfa Laval
  • Cyrus Shank
  • Alan Brandley
  • Cornell Pump

Refrigerator compressor repairs and rebuilds done locally. Save money and get it done right with IRS.

How do compressors work?

A refrigerator compressor is both a motor and a pump that move the cooling refrigerant through the refrigerator system. Sensors detect a spike in temperature to signal the compressor to start the cooling process. When this starts, the compressor draws in the cold refrigerant gas and puts pressure on the gas to compress it. As the gas is compressed, its temperature increases. The compressor pushes out the compressed gas and since it’s under such pressure, it changes into a liquid as it cools.

As it flows to the expansion valve, the liquid is forced through a small hole turning it into a very cold mist. This mist evaporates as it moves through the coils and draws heat out of the surrounding air. As the coils lead back to the compressor, the liquid is again compressed. This continues in a cycle until the temperature is at the set point.

How we keep your compressor running smoothly

After a refrigerator compressor rebuild or repair, IRS will install the repaired compressor back on-site. We check all components of the on-site refrigeration system including the oil separator, oil pump, and all filters and piping. Any debris that ends up blocking the screw compressor will cause the entire system to fail so this final step is important.

In order to get the most out of your rebuilt compressor IRS recommends a vibration analysis and an oil analysis. These are standard tests that make up a preventative program that makes sure this important piece of machinery is installed correctly and working as intended.

Vibration analysis – Vibration is the enemy of any moving machinery and this test provides a benchmark against which future vibration tests will be compared. This provides early detection against bearing wear.

Oil analysis – Oil, and properly managing it is essential to prolonging the life of all moving parts. This establishes a history of how much oil your system uses over time.

Compressor repair is our expertise

We are established experts at commercial refrigerator repair and IRS should be your first call when your compressor quits. For fast, professional repair call IRS today.

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