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Your employees and customers deserve a modern refrigeration system.

Here at Industrial Refrigeration Services, we pride ourselves in offering modern products and innovative services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. If you are undergoing a commercial renovation in order to improve your business’ environment, our team would be happy to provide you a high-quality refrigeration system that your business will benefit from for many years to come. We will achieve this quality by providing experienced team members who hold safety, customer service, and professionalism as their top priorities.

Modernizing your refrigeration equipment through commercial remodeling is important to ensure your business is not only meeting the current industry standards but also that your systems are running as efficiently as possible. Your aging refrigeration systems cost more in energy expenditures and may require expensive time-consuming repairs. Modern systems will bring an affordable and high-performing environment that will best store the goods that your business depends on.

You can trust our experienced team members to recommend solutions that are in the best interest of your business. We have experience in working with a variety of industries and will use that knowledge to find the best solution for the unique needs of your company. Sometimes, after an evaluation, we may discover that your current refrigeration system could benefit from a renovation as opposed to a complete overhaul. Our team members would be happy to perform this, as they can handle all aspects of refrigeration management, from design to repair. We will use the most innovative techniques to ensure your new or aging refrigeration system is performing to its highest potential.

Trust the IRS team will ensure your business utilizes the most advanced technology, design, installation, and repair to help you attain the best environment possible.

You can trust that our dedicated team members are always staying up to date on the newest products and solutions in the industry. We utilize this knowledge to provide the best products and services to our customers. Our team members are also experienced in working on a variety of project types, including everything from commercial kitchen remodels to refrigeration skid packages. This includes not only designing and installing systems but also maintaining and repairing them as necessary. Trust IRS to ensure your business receives the most modern systems available and the best maintenance service in the industry.

With our constantly growing knowledge of trends in the refrigeration industry, we know what equipment works best and what solution would best fit your commercial space needs. Whether you are modernizing your entire environment or want to ensure your refrigeration system is operating at its peak potential, we’re here to help! Contact us today to get started!

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