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Trust our professional team members to provide turn-key commercial refrigeration solutions that utilize quality components and expert installation, maintenance, and repair to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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If you are seeking an industrial refrigeration system without the time and expense of custom design, trust the Industrial Refrigeration Services team! We offer packaged refrigeration systems that your business can depend on and professional team members who ensure its proper assembly, installation, and maintenance. We exceed the expectations of our customers through our customer service and quality products.

We have the capability to install these packaged systems within new construction projects or to implement them as a replacement for aging, under-performing systems. These systems perform with higher efficiency and utilize less energy.  Not only does this increase the environmental friendliness of your building, but it also creates more predictable, affordable energy bills. Additionally, the higher performing mechanical refrigeration systems will last longer, giving your business many years of reliable performance. These savings will result in a bigger return on your investment, which we understand is one of your company’s top priorities.

IRS offers packaged refrigeration systems that are guaranteed to meet your needs. With our variety of products and our experience in refrigeration design, we’re your source for a comprehensive solution.

Trust the Professionals

With over 25 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that our team members will be able to help you choose the best refrigeration system for your business. Once your team has chosen a system, we will get to work on installing it professionally and promptly. Then, we will continue our relationship by performing maintenance and repairs as necessary throughout the rest of the system’s life. Our technicians know these systems in and out, which is why they are able to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ refrigeration needs.

Our team has the experience and equipment necessary to provide a packaged refrigeration system that your business will utilize for years to come. We have worked with a variety of clientele and expanded our offerings to be able to meet a wide range of needs. To learn more about these experiences or to begin designing and choosing your business’ new system, contact us today!

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