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As a full-service HVAC, electrical, and maintenance contractor, we can provide you with a complete project estimation for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

Industrial Refrigeration Services is a small business created by a second generation pipefitter. We understand the challenges of managing a small business’ finances and strive to offer affordable refrigeration projects to a variety of industries. Our technicians will explain each of your options for design, installation, maintenance, or repair and estimate the initial cost as well as the cost savings.

We have had the pleasure of providing a variety of goods and services to the Upper-Midwest area since 1992. Our team members are well versed in our offerings and will be happy to walk you through our recommendations. Because our team also provides heating and cooling, electrical, and specialty services, we believe we can be a one-stop-shop for all of your project needs.

Need a one-stop-shop for your next commercial refrigeration project? We are a fully licensed and insured electrical, HVAC, and maintenance contractor.

You can trust our team members to provide honest recommendations and keep your best interest in mind. Once we have addressed all your project’s requirements, we will present multiple options and explain the costs and benefits of each. Also, we don’t incentivize our staff based on the amount of products and services they sell — so they won’t feel pressured to oversell.

It is our ultimate goal to offer the lowest commercial refrigerator cost to our customers. In order to achieve this, we recommend implementing a commercial refrigeration maintenance plan to help ensure your systems are performing optimally. By performing tune-ups and small repairs frequently, our team can better prevent these issues from becoming more severe and requiring repairs.

We are proud to offer our clients Vilter Manufacturing products because they are known to be dependable and produce the lowest life-cycle costs. As an authorized dealer, we provide compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, and related equipment to create efficient and long-lasting commercial refrigeration systems. Our team would love to discuss the benefits of our services with you as well as the cost estimations. To get started on your complete customized refrigeration plan, give us a call today!

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