System Design/Safety Evaluations

At Industrial Refrigeration Services, safety is always our top priority.

Our company understands the importance of proper safety measures and policies, especially concerning your business’ refrigeration systems. These systems are subject to various government and industry compliance requirements, and it is our goal to ensure your systems maintain proper certification. You can trust that our team has the experience and professionalism necessary to ensure your refrigeration systems are up-to-date with all certifications and regulations. We achieve this through innovative commercial refrigeration design methods, as well as our ability to repair and upgrade systems.

Using refrigerants brings the risk of acute and chronic toxicity, flammability, and other physical hazards. According to OSHA, your refrigeration system is subject to regulation regarding its use of chemicals. This includes the refrigeration, management, and safety practices of in systems with 10,000+ lbs. of ammonia. Although IRS’ use of modern, quality equipment helps mitigate these risks, there must be proper procedures in place to address this danger. You can trust that our employees stay up to date on all standards and policies so that we can ensure your business’ refrigeration systems are as safe as possible.

Industrial Refrigeration Services will use our 25+ years in the industry to advise your business on safety policies and ensure your refrigeration systems are up to standards.

In order to best protect your business and employees, we begin our process by performing a safety evaluation of your current system and policies to identify any areas in need of improvement. We will then work alongside your team to develop better controls and management techniques. Our team also has the capability to create safer systems, whether that requires a simple repair or a full replacement. We are committed to quality and professional design of refrigeration systems that range from small packing facilities to large-scale processing plants. Throughout our years of experience, IRS/IMS has completed a wide variety of refrigeration designs, installations, and upgrades utilizing various technologies suited to the unique requirements of each project. Because we stay up to date with the latest technology, we complete the job in the most efficient way possible!

You can rest assured that our team members follow all standards in order to meet your business’ specific requirements. We have the capability to advise on and provide products to improve your business’ refrigerant safety. If you would like to audit your business’ refrigeration safety to better protect your business or employees, contact us today!

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