System Automation & Controls

Achieve more efficient and analytic-friendly refrigeration systems by implementing system automation and controls.

What Are Refrigeration Controls?

From small supermarkets to industrial storage refrigerators, the efficiency of any refrigeration system depends heavily on how well it is controlled. Proper automation will make sure your products are stored at a constant, appropriate temperature and that your system isn’t wasting energy by needlessly switching on and off to maintain the temperature.

Refrigeration Controls

Refrigeration controls make sure three essential electrical devices; the evaporator, the condenser fan motor, and the compressor are working efficiently to maintain a proper temperature. A consistent, efficiently controlled automated refrigeration system make sure your products are kept at an optimal temperature, and your energy use doesn’t wildly fluctuate, resulting in predictable energy costs.


IRS has the experience and ability to connect your refrigeration controls to your normal HVAC system. A connected building enables companies to achieve the most efficient, user-friendly system possible. Connecting your refrigeration system to your HVAC controls also allows you to include this important use of energy in any energy analysis.  Also, some regulations require certain equipment to maintain efficient and steady temperatures. This requires accurate reporting over time.


Your refrigeration system must always be running at peak capacity.  This means it must be periodically and properly maintained by certified refrigeration engineers. The team at IRS is fully licensed, highly trained, and well-versed in the various functions of your refrigeration system. Our full-service 24-hour emergency service will make sure our expertise is always available so that you don’t suffer from any downtime or lose any inventory to inoperable equipment. Understanding your refrigeration equipment can save you time and money.


Refrigeration controls will make managing your business more affordable, efficient, and accessible.

Our team members are well versed in the various functions of your refrigeration system. This includes ensuring that the refrigeration cycle is properly working, refrigerant levels are ample, and refrigeration temperature is maintained. When all of these tasks are maintained via a control device, the entire system will run more efficiently. This will create an environmentally friendly system that requires less energy to achieve the same outcome. Businesses benefit from this because it creates more predictable and affordable energy bills.

Additionally, you will gain the ability to connect these devices to other connectable systems. We leverage our experience with electrical work to ensure our customers that these intertwined systems will run properly and produce accurate information and control. Our team also specializes in working with HVAC systems and can connect those to a common control system as well. The connected building industry is growing quickly and it enables companies to achieve the most efficient, user-friendly system possible. Our customers enjoy the ability to analyze and control all of their critical systems via a single command point.

You can trust that our team will leverage our vast knowledge and experience to create the most communicative, efficient, and high-performing refrigeration systems possible. Our controls will give your business more control and insight into the system you made a large investment in. To learn more about our experience within this industry, or to get started on connecting your refrigeration systems, contact us today!

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