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Do you need an expert to help you design and install an efficient, reliable commercial refrigeration system for your new construction project?

If you are planning new construction for your business that will include the addition of a new refrigeration system, you can trust the Industrial Refrigeration Services team. We have years of experience creating solutions for partners in a variety of industries, including the commercial and industrial setting. We are constantly learning about the newest products and systems, and we guarantee that we will create the most customized, innovative solution for your business.

IRS understands that these refrigeration systems are a big investment and will do whatever it takes to earn your satisfaction. We are committed to quality and professional designs that range from small packing facilities to large-scale processing plants. Our team has the ability to design and install everything from a pass-through to a walk-in refrigerator for your business. No matter what size and type of system you are seeking, you can trust that our team is able to design a system that will meet your unique needs and budget, and we will install it properly to ensure its efficient performance for years to come.

Throughout our years of experience, IRS/IMS has completed a wide variety of refrigeration designs, installations, and upgrades utilizing various technologies suited to the unique requirements of each project we undertake.

As experts in this field, you can trust that the IRS team has the necessary technology, materials, and tools to ensure your refrigeration is high quality, high performing, and long lasting. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology to get the job done in the most efficient way possible! This dedication to education assures our clients that we will create the most innovative and advanced solutions.

Once we have installed the system, you can trust us to maintain and repair the system as necessary. Our customers appreciate that our variety of product and service offerings provides them with endless options for their refrigeration needs. Contact us today to learn more about our experience or to start designing your new commercial refrigerator system.

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