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We have years of experience in designing and optimizing refrigeration systems. For efficient performance, proper industrial refrigeration design is key. Any solution for any purpose. Call IRS for a complete, customizable refrigeration system – let our experience work for you.

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What can an industrial refrigerator do?

Each industrial refrigeration system we design is as unique as the industries we design them for. IRS can design and build cold storage, process cooling, quick freezer, blast chiller, forced air cooling, cryogenic freezing, ammonia refrigeration, industrial ice plants, hydrocoolers, and more. The type of system we design depends on what coolant you wish to use.

What are the types of industrial refrigeration systems?

The principles of refrigeration require a circulating liquid refrigerant to absorb heat and keep the contents of the refrigerator at a constant temperature. IRS can design your solution to use any of the below common industrial refrigerants:

Ammonia (R717)

This is the most common industrial refrigerant. It features the best heat absorption per volume which means it can be used in smaller components. Ammonia is a naturally occuring compound, meaning it naturally decomposes, and only presents a minor environmental risk, but must be handled carefully due to harmful effects to eyes and skin.

HFC (R134A)

Non-corrosive and non-toxic, this refrigerant is mainly found in vehicle air conditioners but has commercial applications as well. Its usage has declined somewhat due to recent studies linking it to global warming.

Carbon Dioxide (R744)

Environmentally friendly, non-flammable and non-toxic, the only knock on CO2 is that it must be handled carefully. It is heavier than oxygen and odorless so it is very dangerous in the case of leakage. The cost of a CO2 system is higher than others and presents a significant challenge to designers and engineers.


Easily available and with great heat transfer and thermodynamic properties, water has been used as an industrial refrigerant for a very long time. It must be cooled separately however and requires high pressure and high ambient temperatures to use effectively.

HCFC - Hydrochlorofluorocarbons

Having been proven to be dangerous to the environment, this refrigerant is slowly being phased out. Older systems may still use it and IRS can help maintain and even replace them if required.

Trust IRS for your refrigeration system design

No matter what application you intend for your industrial refrigerator, IRS has the means to make it a reality. Our company was founded to create customized, reliable refrigeration systems and services. Perhaps you are fitting out a new facility, or your aging refrigeration systems needs an overhaul or total replacement. Give us a call for a free consultation today!

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