IRS specializes in offering turnkey Make-up Air and Exhaust system designs for your commercial and industrial space. While newer buildings are more energy-efficient, their “tighter” construction and design can restrict the flow of outside air into your building that helps replace exhausted air. Our solutions help facilitate the flow of contaminated air out of your facility and maintain a clean, healthy atmosphere for an ideal working environment.

Commercial Exhaust System Design

Adding a commercial exhaust unit is crucial for any building’s long-term safety and health. A make-up air unit lessens the burden on your exhaust unit by filtering out used air from inside, swapping it with clean air from outside your building. A lack of make-up air can increase static pressure and can lead to negative air pressure in your commercial or industrial building which could create issues for many businesses. Contaminated air thrives in an environment that’s poorly filtrated and unprepared. With IRS’ cutting-edge, reliable solutions and exhaust system design, you can be sure that you’ll be prepared for any hazardous situation and come out the other side cleaner than ever.

Why IRS?

Your air system is more than just another part of operations you need to maintain; it’s how you make sure that the air you and your employees breathe is safe, clean, and lacks any hazardous properties. If your exhaust fan or range hood isn’t performing up to par, then it’s time you worked with a company who treats every project as if it were happening in our building. Reach out to IRS today, and see how you can start planning a cleaner future.