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Don’t sweat it, call IRS for immediate, professional commercial AC repair

Is your commercial air conditioning:

Blowing warm air?
Not blowing any air at all?
Making strange noises?
Are you noticing water pooling around the air conditioner?
Does the unit vibrate excessively?

You may have a major AC issue on your hands. The AC always seems to quit at the worst possible moments. The temperature of an Iowa summer can be unbearable without proper air conditioning and when the cold air stops blowing, employees can’t work and your customers have better things to do than sweat it out in your building. The highest priority is to get the air conditioning system up and running again.

This is where a call to IRS will get things back to normal. The HVAC systems for large commercial and industrial buildings are complex and out of the realm of a technician that normally handles residential systems. Our licensed and bonded air conditioning technicians will troubleshoot your system and get things back up and running as fast as possible.

Get things back to normal ASAP with commercial air conditioning repair from IRS.

IRS can repair any commercial air conditioning issue

Loss of power – Usually this is the result of a tripped breaker, especially during summer when the system is constantly running and overloaded. But the culprit could also be something serious like faulty wiring. The trained professionals at IRS know to look for these issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

Low refrigerant – Your AC system needs coolant to function properly and if it is leaking that is a major issue. Depending on your system, the refrigerant could be hazardous to your employees and the environment. This kind of repair requires a licensed technician to detect the leak, contain any hazardous material, and recharge the system properly.

Broken or worn out fan belt – A loose fan belt will make a squealing sound while a broken one will prevent any air from moving through the system. Replacing the belt can be an involved process depending on the design of your AC system.

Frozen evaporator coil – Low refrigerant, poor circulation, mechanical damage, and continuous operation can cause your evaporator coils to freeze which results in your unit blowing only warm air. A trained technician is required to properly and safely defrost the coils as well as inspect the system for signs of more serious issues.

Broken fan motor – This is one moving component that has a tendency to fail through continuous use. Depending on your system and its age, the fan motor may be difficult to reach to repair or replace.

Faulty compressor – If the system seems like it is working but the air coming out of the vents isn’t cold, the compressor may be defective. Our technicians are trained to spot this and can assess the condition of your compressor to see if repair is possible. If not, IRS will provide you with any replacement options available for your system.

Professional repair, reliable customer service

Don’t trust the repair of your commercial air conditioning system to someone who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand and repair it. If you have a warm air problem, call IRS today. We will get the cool air flowing again.

Your air conditioning does more than keep your employees and customers comfortable. Contact Us
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