Temperature Control Systems

With over 25 years of experience in commercial heating and cooling, we will ensure your system is running more efficiently, cost-effectively, and on a proper schedule that allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Your commercial HVAC system is essential to the comfort and productivity of your building. Industrial Refrigeration Services can help you maintain and control your temperature control system with the installation of a new temperature controller or updating of your current HVAC control system.

Manual Temperature Control vs. Automatic Temperature Control

A manual temperature control system is physically managed by an operator who periodically reads and adjusts the control system to maintain a desired overall temperature Many older buildings and systems still use this type of temperature controller because it is simple and easy to use. Non-critical applications with small changes can still use a manual control, but if you are looking for energy-efficiency, automatic temperature control will save you money and time. Other benefits include;

  • Maintain comfortable conditions
  • Receive optimum indoor air quality
  • Reduce energy use
  • Reduce manpower costs
  • Identify maintenance problems
  • Monitor system performance

Industrial Refrigeration Services knows how important the ability to control your HVAC system is and how many benefits the proper controller can offer your business.

Commercial Temperature Control

Whether your HVAC system is pneumatic, microprocessor-based, or a mixed system, IRS will evaluate what you need in an HVAC control system.

  1. Temperature – The ease of a self-monitoring system will keep you comfortable without having to continuously monitor your system.
  2. Humidity – Water vapor in the air will affect air breathability and moisture buildup over time, and can cause internal issues with structure and pipes.
  3. Ventilation – Air contaminants need to be circulated out of your building to keep air quality up to code and free of odors.
  4. Pressure – Proper pressure will prevent spread the of debris and reduce air infiltration. The right pressure will help keep cleaning bills low.

Working with us will allow you to discover new controllers that best fit your business, work style, and budget. Contact us to see the different offerings of HVAC controllers we can implement into your building.

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