IRS’ solar water heating systems are a terrific way to improve functionality and lower operating costs of your heating system, all while making your operations more environmentally-friendly. IRS solar water heating systems can include both storage tanks and solar collectors. Using the sun to heat the water for your system, insulated storage tanks connect to the collector, harnessing solar energy, and filtering it into your system to heat your facility. Solar water heating systems preheat water to ready itself for transfer into your HVAC system, so storage tanks around your facility are optimized for temperature control.

Solar Water Heating Installation

IRS offers turnkey solutions for solar water heating systems in a variety of options. From installation to maintenance, we have you covered. Our installation process is based on your exact needs and operations to minimize work disruptions. After your storage tanks, solar collectors, and heating systems are installed, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support, so you can continue to operate without worrying about work stoppages, technical difficulties, and unexpected issues that hamper productivity. We recognize that your top priority is carrying on your work at an efficient pace—to achieve optimal workflow and keep operating costs low, it’s imperative that your support system is ready and willing to help with any potential issues that could arise.

Green Heating Solutions

Not only does IRS’ different types of solar water heating systems promote cost-effective, optimal temperature control, but they also provide a “green” alternative to other environmentally-harmful heating solutions. Our flat-plate solar power collectors work to harness the sun’s energy without emitting harmful toxins or wasting valuable resources. When you work with IRS, you can be sure that you’re not only getting the best solution money can buy; you’re getting the best solution for the world around you.