High Voltage Splicing/Terminations

Make the connection, call IRS.

High voltage cable splicing and terminations need to be handled correctly not just for safety reasons but to preserve your equipment. Call IRS for professional high voltage services.

What are high voltage cables?

High voltage power cables are considered anything that carries over 1000 volts. They must be manufactured to exact specifications as any defect can lead to breakdowns and performance issues. The semiconducting layers must be completely smooth, and the fusion between the semiconductors and the surrounding insulation must be absolute. Insulation must be free of air pockets and inclusions.

High voltage cables are required to be spliced and terminated in a manner that reduces electrical stresses at the voltage termination point or ensures high voltage cable integrity. To do this, precise techniques are required by the technician assigned to finish the cable, prior to entry into a cabinet or to repair a broken cable. If not done perfectly, the termination is destined to become a failure point in the electrical system and can damage equipment or lead to unsafe operating conditions down the road.

How can IRS help?

If your equipment has a high voltage distribution system, IRS can repair and maintain any aspect of it, including:

  • High power cable splicing and termination
  • Medium voltage cable splicing and termination
  • Underground distribution and conduit
  • Cable preparation
  • Pole line equipment
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Cable vaults
  • Network systems
  • Repair and maintenance of these systems require a licensed technician and IRS employs master journeymen; high voltage designers, lineman, cable splicers, and, civil operators that are certified to work in your area. These highly trained professionals are all provided with the latest in technology; tools and equipment needed to design, build or maintain your high voltage system. Call IRS today for any high voltage electrical work.

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