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Infrared Thermography

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Not only do we offer a wide range of refrigeration, heating & cooling, and electrical services, but we also offer more specialized service offerings. The Industrial Refrigeration Services team is proud to offer infrared thermography and splicing/terminations of high voltage systems in order to accommodate the unique needs of our customers. Our customers enjoy being able to rely on their trusted technicians to perform the tasks safely, professionally, and affordably. Especially when our team members are familiar with their facility, they are able to complete these types of jobs promptly and precisely. You can trust that we provide adequate training to employees in these roles in order to ensure they are fully prepared for the job. Learn more about the difference that these services can make for your business and contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

Infrared thermography

Learn what is going on inside your machinery without shutting it down or taking it apart. Infrared thermography can measure and report the smallest thermal fluctuations to keep your equipment running perfectly.

High voltage splicing and terminations

You require a trained professional to handle any adjustments to your high voltage cabling. IRS offers certified electrical engineers specifically trained in high-voltage splicing and terminations that will get the job done safely, quickly, and right the first time.

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