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When to Call an Expert Electrical Repair Service

The electrical system in your business or facility is something that must be repaired by trained professional electricians. Even minor issues should be inspected with a trained eye. Not only can a professional repair your issue correctly and safely the first time, but they can do so quickly to avoid costly downtime. Here are three instances when you should call a professional:

Minor and major repairs – You should never attempt repairs on your own. A licensed, trained electrician knows the correct procedure to fix damaged wiring, broken electrical panels or circuit breakers, and inoperative outlets or light fixtures.

When you want to upgrade – LED lighting and digital signage can revitalize your business but before you spend for expensive equipment, make sure your current system is correctly wired and can handle the increased load.

To make sure your system is up to code – A trained professional that is knowledgeable about area electrical codes, can inspect your system and recommend the steps you need to take to get your system up to code. This makes your building safer and helps you comply with future building inspections.

New or old electrical systems? We can fix both. When you need reliable electrical wiring repair, call the experts at IRS.

Regular maintenance is the key to a safe, efficient electrical system

Regularly scheduled commercial or industrial electrical maintenance and prompt repairs will keep your building safe for employees and customers and prevent costly repairs down the road. Our trained, licensed electricians have the experience necessary to maintain and repair both old and new systems. A regular maintenance program for your electrical systems will also benefit your business by prolonging the life spans of your machines. Our electrical team is capable of repairing industrial and commercial electrical systems, of any design and of any age.

Emergency electrical repair services

Even with a thorough preventative maintenance schedule, emergencies will happen. We are available 24/7 for any emergency electrical repair service. If issues are detected, we will educate your team on the problem and the possible solutions and seek approval before beginning any extensive repairs or replacements.

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Since 1999, our team members have been providing electrical services that help our customers improve their environment and their budgets. When our electricians troubleshoot your building’s electrical infrastructure, they will look for any connections that are in need of tightening or wires that are fraying or underperforming. Our technicians will address any issues quickly in order to prevent them from becoming more extensive and restore the proper performance of each machine. Contact us today to learn more or to get started!

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