Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will create a more efficient and longer lasting electrical infrastructure for your business.

Trust our expert team members with the responsibility of the ongoing maintenance of your electrical infrastructure. Throughout our 25+ years of experience and training, we have implemented innovative practices that help us maintain electrical systems. Our team members will implement a preventative maintenance schedule that will save your business money and ensure the continued efficiency of your electrical systems.

Especially with aging electrical equipment, electrical systems must be properly maintained in order to ensure a safe, affordable, and reliable infrastructure. This is accomplished by scheduled cleanings and thermographic imaging. Implementing this service will ensure your machines are performing to their full capabilities and that any errors within the system are fixed before they become more extensive or costly. This higher efficiency will also promote further savings through your systems’ prolonged life spans.

Our team of highly trained and reputable electricians will provide your business with a more productive and affordable electrical infrastructure.

You can trust our fully certified and insured electricians to perform thorough and professional service that you can depend on. Their completion of a preventative maintenance checklist will ensure each piece of the infrastructure has been inspected and every issue is addressed. Whenever possible, we will try to solve issues through repairs rather than replacements. If a more extensive service is necessary, we will always communicate to you your system’s issue(s) and your options; we strive to find the best solution for your business’ needs and budget.

Additionally, IMS has the ability to customize designs and perform installations as required. Although our team recommends regular electrical maintenance, we understand that emergencies happen. In order to eliminate the danger and downtime associated with these issues, our staff is available 24/7 to promptly address any emergencies.

24 Hour Emergency Service

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