The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Refrigeration Professional

Your company relies on commercial refrigeration equipment to serve your customers, store your inventory, and ready your product for shipment. It is critical that this equipment works properly and efficiently. When it doesn’t, you need to have it repaired quickly and professionally by an expert commercial refrigeration repair company.

When to call a professional

The most obvious sign you need to call a professional is when your system isn’t cooling as it should.

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How Drones are Reshaping the HVAC Industry

The military has employed the use of them. Amazon and UPS are striving to use them for deliveries.  They’ve been used for aerial views of construction sites, wildlife monitoring and even to predict the dangers of damaging weather. So, why are drones becoming a necessity for technicians in the HVAC industry?

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For an environmentally responsible solution for your HVAC needs, look no further than IRS’ hydronic system designs. Our systems utilize water’s excellent heat transfer characteristics, to offer a simple, cost-effective, and “green” way to control the temperature of your building for optimal heating and cooling services. The heated or cooled water is transported throughout your commercial or industrial building to air conditioning units or heating systems,

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Have You Had a Solar Heating System Installed?

IRS’ solar water heating systems are a terrific way to improve functionality and lower operating costs of your heating system, all while making your operations more environmentally-friendly. IRS solar water heating systems can include both storage tanks and solar collectors. Using the sun to heat the water for your system,

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Makeup Air and Exhaust

IRS specializes in offering turnkey Make-up Air and Exhaust system designs for your commercial and industrial space. While newer buildings are more energy-efficient, their “tighter” construction and design can restrict the flow of outside air into your building that helps replace exhausted air. Our solutions help facilitate the flow of contaminated air out of your facility and maintain a clean,

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Keep your Food Safe and Never Take Refrigeration for Granted

Food safety is a health threat for everyone! Experts at the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention estimate that every 1 in 6 Americans falls ill, an estimated 128,000 people in the US are hospitalized, and 3,000 lose their life due to foodborne illnesses every year!

The first culprit of food illness is inadequate refrigeration.

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